Custom Solutions for Independent Lessors

When you branch into the equipment leasing & financing industry, a primary goal is to secure leases quickly and efficiently. As an Independent lessor, you don’t have the time, the team, or the infrastructure to support the full scope of highly specialized contracts you seek to secure.

Working with the experienced and seasoned team at JDR Solutions provides independent lessors of all sizes and industries the support for all of your unique needs. From the point of funding to the very end of the transaction, our team will function as an extension of your organization to ensure all of your contracts are successfully managed and protected. With exceptional portfolio management from JDR Solutions, you can continue focusing on securing finance/lease agreements.

Since 2001, our team has curated an array of customizable digital solutions backed by decades of industry experience and excellent customer service skills. We will act as your first line of defense, your back office, or any combination. We are industry leaders in digital infrastructure so that every contract in your portfolio results in a secure, satisfactory transaction.

Who We Serve

Our adaptable services address your ever-evolving needs.
At JDR Solutions, we understand that your private-equity company is constantly changing and growing. So when it comes to securing new agreements, flexibility is key to your success. That’s why our team prioritizes an in-depth initial consultation. This discovery phase will lay the foundation for all our superior solutions to be tailored to each individual contract you hold.

JDR Solutions rises to your most complex challenges.

Unmatched Expertise for Exceptional Outcomes

Our team has built a one-of-a-kind skillset from decades of experience in the equipment financing/leasing industry. From managing portfolios to providing timely support services, we’re here to help you reach your equipment financing/leasing goals.

We understand that your time and energy are best applied working with growing customers and new opportunities. That’s why our team takes the tedious tasks of daily operations off your plate with our back-office solutions. We also prioritize your customers’ experience so that you can develop loyal partnerships in the industry that promote your continued growth and success.

Our full range of comprehensive services for independent lessors includes:


You require our entire scope of operational and infrastructure solutions to manage your existing and incoming financing/leasing contracts. With such a wide range of services at your disposal, it’s important that we first establish a baseline of transparent communication to streamline our upcoming processes.

At JDR Solutions, we walk all of our clients through an extensive consultation phase that connects you with each of our subject matter experts who will have a direct influence on your contracts. These open lines of communication will ensure you always have the final say on any decisions regarding your financing/leasing portfolios.

In this phase, we will also perform system integration to seamlessly transition your existing systems into any new software we plan to implement.


With highly specialized contracts, comes a need for equally unique software. While all equipment financing/leasing transactions require non-traditional digital solutions, the diversity of your contracts demands an even greater degree of versatility and flexibility.

JDR Solutions’ hosting services are easily personalized to perfectly address all your needs. From securely storing your data to continuous monitoring and disaster recovery, our solutions are grounded in our team’s extensive industry knowledge and software experience.

We’re proud to offer specific hosting environments for software, including, but not limited to ASPIRE, InfoLease and Rapport software. But we understand the value of flexible solutions so we will never force you into specific software. When you work with us, your satisfaction is our singular goal, which is why we expertly tailor our hosting process to any type of software you prefer to use.


Don’t let technical issues bring your operations to a halt. JDR Solutions provides support solutions that address all of your technical concerns in an efficient and timely manner.

Working with a software vendor for technical support can cause significant delays. Your service ticket simply gets added to an overflowing backlog of requests that may not be seen by a specialist for an extended period.

When you work with JDR Solutions, you receive an immediate response from one of our expert support team members who can swiftly address all of your technical issues in a timely manner. Software vendors treat you as a number in line — our team sees you as a valued client, which means your needs, from minor tech repairs to system-wide problems, are always a priority.

Portfolio Management

Once your new financing/leasing client signs on the dotted line, pass their servicing to our skilled team at JDR Solutions for expert management.

If you are a growing independent lessor, you don’t have the resources to properly oversee your portfolios past the point of initial funding. To ensure the success of your existing contracts and allow you to expand on opportunities for new contracts, we will take over all administrative tasks through the end of the transaction.

We can cater our services to a variety of software, and have a diverse range of experience that allows us to care for all types of equipment financing/leasing contracts with the same high quality.

Client Relations

From networking to securing lease agreements, you know how to talk to your customers. But clear communication and customer service require considerably different resources to be effective. At JDR Solutions, we offer unparalleled client relations solutions developed from decades of experience and extensive knowledge of the deeper aspects of customer service.

We handle two main areas of customer relations – customer service and collections. The first sector focuses on all administrative support needs such as billing issues and other invoicing challenges. Meanwhile, our collections team implements compassionate strategies to help your customers resolve all late payments with efficiency.

Web Development

An efficient, easy-to-use, website can revolutionize how you reach new equipment financing/leasing customers. Pre-built templates and general web development firms don’t have the expertise or designs necessary to support the equipment financing/leasing functions you need to succeed.

At JDR Solutions, we specialize in digital solutions that highlight the specific attributes required for your daily digital operations and your client’s satisfactory user experience.

Employing web development experts dedicated to the individual needs of your independent lessor operation, JDR Solutions designs customized websites, client-branded web portals, and other digital platforms that can integrate with your existing software and easily onboard your current contracts.

Keep your customers engaged and satisfied throughout the entire transaction with innovative digital solutions from JDR Solutions.

Trusted Solutions Since 2001

You’re ready to finance/lease equipment to qualified customers. Ensure that their contract is safe, secure, and satisfactory until the very end of the transaction with operational support and back-office management from JDR Solutions.

We know your pain points and how to address them, while also promoting increased financing/leasing opportunities for your operation with our expert digital solutions. Our team is an extension of your business – we always act in your best interest and will never make major infrastructure or contract alterations without your consent.

Your portfolio is diverse, but so are our services. We specialize in adaptable solutions that can address even your toughest challenges.

Our expertise traces back to 2001 when we set out to become one of the most knowledgeable teams in the equipment financing/leasing solutions industry. Now, our clients’ feedback speaks louder than any of our words – we’re their #1 most trusted partner in the industry.

Don’t limit your financing/leasing opportunities with inefficient infrastructure. Let JDR Solutions improve your operations with the latest digital strategies available.