Expert Solutions for Banking & Financial Institutions

To grow your banking & financial institution, your team needs experienced partners with effective solutions. When you are managing clients with financial accounts across a variety of platforms and industries, your team can quickly become mired in technical concerns and the minutia of daily operations. 

For equipment financing/leasing, your internal personnel can become especially overloaded due to the complex and highly-specific digital infrastructure required to properly serve your finacing/leasing customers. Since 2001, the industry-leading experts at JDR Solutions have combined innovative digital solutions with superb customer service. 

When you need back-office services for your banking and financial institutions, trust JDR Solutions.

Who We Serve

Solving complex issues with simple solutions.

If your business deals in equipment financing/leasing, then JDR Solutions delivers proven, professional solutions for every financial component so you can focus on your business. 

Whether you’re a long-established institution with hundreds of existing contracts that need effective, fast support or a startup looking to outsource back office services, we’re proficient in digital solutions that can be adapted to your business’s individual needs.

At JDR Solutions, we offer the same superior service and consistent communication to all of our clients no matter your size or the scope of your transactions. We know that the intricacies of this industry don’t allow for a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we also undergo comprehensive consultations and an in-depth discovery phase before we dive into any aspects of a new client project.

Banking and Financial institutions

Services Rooted in Experience

Acting as an extension of the back office of your bank or financial institution, JDR Solutions addresses gaps in your operations. We understand that you’ve got the front end covered – you’re skilled at getting customers in the door and securing lease agreements.

Once their portfolio is set up, caring for the data surrounding the maintenance, security, and efficiency of their account requires a different mindset and distinct skillset that your organization may not have the framework to complete. Financing/leasing software necessary to support these clients is unique, to say the least, and doesn’t conform to the standard banking digital environment.

Our team has dedicated their careers to understanding and implementing industry-leading software platforms and management strategies that reduce overall costs for your business operations. As a result, we’ve developed an unparalleled skillset that is tailored specifically to the infrastructure challenges facing your bank or financial institution’s operational success.

Our full range of services available to banks and financial institutions includes:


Our team provides a comprehensive consultation to our partners. During this phase, you will work directly with the subject matter experts at JDR Solutions. Onboarding can be a broad term, but at JDR Solutions it comes down to two very simple, but crucial steps: system integration and introductions with our team members.

When we launch our strategic services, we aren’t just going to start taking over portfolios and throwing web portal designs to the wind. We understand that your business and its internal systems are unique. That is why our onboarding services are focused on evaluating your business’s individual needs to develop a personalized and detailed plan for the next phases of our operational solutions.

You will have constant control and guidance from dedicated specialists who prioritize your company’s pain points. Our seamless implementation also ensures every procedure is reviewed and approved by your team.


Security and compliance are necessary for all financial services. Our hosting services are ongoing solutions that involve actively monitoring data and constantly running processing to optimize your systems and make sure everything is Soc 1, Soc 2, and FDIC compliant.

The key to our hosting services is our ability to work with multiple different types of software. We offer hosting tailored to ASPIRE, InfoLease and Rapport environments, but we’re able to adapt our high-quality hosting processes to fit any software you prefer to use for your business.


Your company needs support. JDR Solutions is your first line of defense. 

Dealing directly with software vendors can take up more time and energy than you have to spare. With endless service tickets, your immediate concern becomes lost in an overflowing stack of issues.

You can rely on our support staff’s unmatched industry expertise to provide the personalized support many vendors cannot deliver. When you use the support services offered by our team at JDR Solutions, you’re not a number on a service ticket, you’re a priority.

Portfolio Management

From the point of funding to the end of the transaction, JDR Solutions will handle every aspect of your portfolio maintenance. 

Once you’ve got a client into your system, their financing/leasing portfolio is going to need constant upkeep. When you work with our portfolio management team, your clients’ portfolios will be managed and protected from every angle.

Just like our support services, we’re able to work with any type of software your company prefers for portfolio management. We also boast experience overseeing a multitude of portfolio sizes and types. Time and again, our partners recognize our management resources within the industry get the job done right.

Client Relations

When it comes to your bank or financial institution, customer service is the key to your success. 

But most often, customer communication about collections and invoicing can’t be addressed properly because your team doesn’t have the infrastructure or knowledge. JDR Solutions’ talented client relations specialists will use their years of experience to expertly handle all of your client needs. We break our client relations services into two overarching sectors: collections and customer service.

For customers who need administrative support or assistance navigating billing issues that have resulted in a late payment, our seasoned staff is the superior client relations solution. We see and understand the bigger picture of client relations, which allows us to resolve problems quickly and correct and adjust services according to each of your customer’s unique situations.

Web Development

An efficient, easy-to-use, website can revolutionize how you reach new equipment financing/leasing customers. 

When you have a website that works, your clients are more likely to engage in your equipment financing products and services. Whether they’re starting new contracts, paying bills, or simply accessing existing information, web portals for financing/leasing create distinct challenges.

JDR Solutions designs and builds websites, client-branded web portals, and any custom features your business needs. We develop and support custom web solutions that are carefully curated to integrate with your existing financing/leasing software.

Don’t get stuck with templates that can’t achieve your digital operational needs and long-term goals. Let JDR Solutions bring you an out-of-the-box solution that goes beyond your basic web requirements.

General web development firms don’t have the expertise or designs necessary to support the equipment financing/leasing functions you need to succeed.

At JDR Solutions, we specialize in digital solutions that highlight the specific attributes required for your daily digital operations and your client’s satisfactory user experience.

Employing web development experts dedicated to the individual needs of your independent lessor operation, JDR Solutions designs customized websites, client-branded web portals, and other digital platforms that can integrate with your existing software and easily onboard your current contracts.

Keep your customers engaged and satisfied throughout the entire transaction with innovative digital solutions from JDR Solutions.

A Trusted Industry Leader

You may be familiar with terms like lease portfolio management, business processing outsourcing (BPO), and additional industry buzzwords. Behind all of the acronyms and industry jargon, you need to solve your pain points and maximize the potential of your financing/leasing. 

JDR Solutions was created to provide superior service no matter what challenge your banking and financial institution experiences. When you work with our compassionate professionals, you’re not just blindly outsourcing your operations, you’re expanding your team.

We’ve offered our broad scope of services to clients across the globe since 2001, making us one of the most experienced teams in the equipment financing solutions industry. But this doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the past. Each year, we’ve gained new knowledge and advanced technology and strategies to ensure that we remain an industry leader.

Don’t just take our word for it – we’ve gathered an advisory council made up of a diverse array of some of our most prominent Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) clients. When we asked them “Why JDR?,” their answer was crystal clear: We’re their #1 most trusted partner in the industry.