Portfolio Management Services

As a successful equipment leasing/financing organization, you expertly secure new finance/lease agreements. However, when it comes to managing those agreements beyond the point of funding, you may run into challenges that create roadblocks throughout your operations.

To optimize your back-office tasks and ensure your clients’ portfolios are handled properly, partner with JDR Solutions. Our portfolio management service for equipment leasing/financing companies is a comprehensive management process designed to protect and preserve your portfolios through the end of the transaction.

We specialize in portfolios of all types and sizes, tailoring our process to our clients’ unique applications. With decades of experience and proven strategies, we’re the #1 most trusted portfolio management partner in the industry.

Effective Management for Diverse Portfolio

The constant upkeep and monitoring required to successfully manage existing equipment leasing and financing portfolios can take a lot of your team’s valuable time and resources.

JDR Solutions’ management specialists will take the burden of daily monitoring and back-office portfolio tasks off your plate. We act as an extension of your team, taking care of customer issues and requests and tedious management actions.

We understand that your customers’ needs evolve throughout the transaction, and we adapt our strategies throughout the process to meet their needs every step of the way. Our all-encompassing portfolio management solutions include:

We extend these proficient solutions to equipment leasing/financing organizations across diverse markets, including banking and financial institutions, equipment manufacturers, equipment lessors, and independent lessors.

Focus on growing your business and simultaneously retain existing customers with JDR Solutions’ portfolio management offerings.

Trusted Portfolio Solutions Since 2001

In order to build a loyal customer base while also seeking new contracts, you need effective portfolio management solutions. JDR Solutions’ reputation for success is driven by more than 20 years of experience managing equipment financing/leasing portfolios for a wide client base across the globe.

Focus on relationship building while we handle the tedious back-office tasks. Our services also extend to hosting, web development, client relations, tech support, and professional services so you receive the infrastructure and technical expertise you need all in one place.