Portfolio Management for Independent Lessors

When you’re a growing independent lessor, you don’t have the resources to manage the minutia of equipment financing/leasing. Properly managing your diverse portfolios after new financing/leasing customers have been onboarded into your systems demands infrastructure, effort, and expertise. To ensure the success of your contracts, let our experts at JDR Solutions flex their exceptional portfolio management skills. While you focus on increasing opportunities for new finance/lease agreements, our skilled team will oversee all administrative tasks to carry your existing contracts to a successful conclusion. Since 2001, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing and implementing specialized management processes that address the general challenges of the financing/leasing industry, as well as the pain points unique to your array of portfolio sizes and types. Increase your customer satisfaction with portfolio management solutions from JDR Solutions.

Managing Portfolios For Lasting Success

Equipment financing/leasing portfolios are not stagnant accounts. The needs of your customers and their data are always changing. That’s why our management specialists at JDR Solutions implement continuous monitoring and adapt your customer portfolios as necessary.

From the point of funding to the end of the transaction, we’re your one-stop-shop for every portfolio management task, including:


  • Customer/contract/asset booking
  • Payment application and reconciliations
  • Financial adjustments: modifications, dispositions, and extensions
  • Contract terminations: partial or complete
  • Non-financial contract changes
  • Sales, Use, and property tax compliance and reporting
  • Management and accounting report generation and archival
  • Document generation
  • UCC filings/tracking
  • Insurance verification/tracking
  • Input daily interest rate updates from various sources


At JDR Solutions managing equipment financing/leasing software and portfolios is what we do. We are friendly, knowledgeable industry partners dedicated to the success of our clients. Let our team carry the heavy load of equipment financing/leasing portfolio management. Contact JDR Solutions today to schedule your consultation.

An Industry Leader Since 2001

As an extension of your back office, our seasoned team is proud to a

Your goal is to foster a reputation for success and generate a loyal customer base to increase new financing/leasing opportunities for your independent financing/leasing operation. At JDR Solutions, our goal is to help you go above and beyond these benchmarks to experience unhindered growth and success for years to come.

We believe that quality portfolio management is the key to exceeding your business’ current operational standards. That’s why we specialize in innovative portfolio maintenance solutions unparalleled in the equipment financing/leasing industry.

While our full range of digital solutions makes us a beneficial partner to any independent lessor in the industry, it’s our superb customer service that keeps our clients coming back time and time again.