Trusted Solutions for Equipment Lessors

As an experienced equipment lessor, your number one goal is to grow by increasing your equipment leasing & financing opportunities. Unfortunately, the laborious task of managing existing customers’ financial accounts and daily operations can hinder your team’s efforts to secure new financing/leasing customers.

At JDR Solutions, our cutting-edge digital solutions will take the burden of technical concerns and tedious back-office operations off your shoulders. Our mission is to help you exceed your goals with reliable services tailored to fit your unique infrastructure requirements. Since 2001, we’ve combined our industry expertise with superior customer service to become a leader in the industry. Take your equipment financing/ leasing business’ operations to the next level.

Who We Serve

Offering proven solutions to your most challenging issues.

JDR Solutions provides professional and highly-effective digital services to a wide range of equipment financing/leasing companies. From startups that require a back-office team to large lessors with a hefty contract load, the quality and delivery of our solutions remain the same.

Instead of operating on a one-size-fits-all basis, we know that every equipment lessor is unique. From your portfolios to your financing/leasing software, each of our digital solutions can be adapted to fit your company’s specific needs.

Our process always starts with extensive consultations to open channels of consistent communication and establish our team as an extension of your existing operations.

Custom Services with Proven Results

At JDR Solutions, our team has decades of experience managing equipment financing/leasing transactions. Our back-office and infrastructure solutions will allow your company to focus on getting new customers in the door. When your team can focus on closing deals and building relationships with key decision makers, you are more efficient and growing.

The minutia of operational tasks can hinder your performance and distract from your goals. Our team boasts excellent customer service skills and a wealth of financing/leasing knowledge. Initial portfolio setup, account maintenance, security, and customer accessibility are important operational tasks that your team and your digital platforms may not be equipped to handle.

Our experienced team is armed with a deep understanding of the most innovative digital platforms and strategies in the industry. We are well-versed in implementing and managing these solutions to optimize your business operations and minimize threats to your success and growth

Our comprehensive list of solutions for equipment lessors includes the following services:


During our in-depth discovery phase, we will establish open lines of communication between you and our subject matter experts. This introductory step ensures you have constant access and control over your company’s operations by connecting you with our individual team members working directly on your portfolios.

Then, in our system integration step, we ensure your existing systems and any updated software function seamlessly. 

We are designed to ease all of your company’s pain points. This starts with a careful and proven onboarding process.


Your equipment financing/leasing company handles copious amounts of data and digital information. JDR Solutions’ ongoing hosting solutions will actively monitor your data to keep your systems running at the highest possible level of performance. 

Equipment financing/leasing requires extremely unique software that other hosting entities cannot provide. With our team’s extensive knowledge of the industry, we’re able to offer hosting environments for software such ASPIRE, InfoLease and Rapport, which can be curated specifically for your business’s operational needs. Your data remains secure at all times with regular backups and disaster recovery.

JDR Solutions’ hosting services are unmatched in the industry. We won’t limit your business to certain software. We evolve our hosting processes to utilize any type of software your company prefers.


At JDR Solutions, your technical support needs are always a priority.

When your company experiences technical issues with your financing/leasing software don’t waste valuable time and energy on the phone with a software vendor. Most often, these call lines are cluttered with endless service requests and calls are taken by a lower-level employee who isn’t responsible for the technical support.

When you work with JDR Solutions, you aren’t a number, you’re a valued partner. We will address your technical concerns immediately, and you’ll always have access to the team member working directly to fix the issue.

Every member of our support staff is a high-level technician trained and experienced in all aspects of software support so you get the best service without delay.

Portfolio Management

JDR Solutions manages portfolios through every step of the transaction.

For equipment lessors, managing existing customer financing/leasing portfolios is one of the most important aspects of operations. But without the necessary time and infrastructure, these simple tasks can quickly accumulate to a major roadblock that causes a halt in your other operations.

Our team is eager to perform all of your portfolio upkeep so that you can enter a customer into the system and move on to securing your next deal with peace of mind. As with our hosting and support services, we also can tailor our portfolio management to a variety of software types.

Client Relations

Exceptional customer service from JDR Solutions turns new clients into loyal, long-term customers.

As an experienced equipment lessor, you know the value of customer service, but most often your company isn’t able to appropriately address all of your customer communication. Our team includes a host of friendly client relations specialists with decades of experience in guiding customers through any issues they face during their transactions.

Our customer service team will help your customers with administrative support, billing issues, and other invoicing challenges. Meanwhile, our collections team will help resolve late payments and other payment issues with compassion and efficiency.

Web Development

Your equipment financing/leasing business needs a website with highly specific attributes to serve your customers. Pre-built templates won’t support your digital operation needs or allow you to reach your long-term goals of growth.

At JDR Solutions, we build digital platforms designed specifically for the unique requirements of the equipment financing/leasing field. A working website is the key to keeping your customers engaged with your services.

Our custom development capabilities extend to websites, client-branded web portals, and other custom digital features that will integrate with your existing software for a flawless transition. Our solutions are never stagnant. We build portals that can mature alongside your changing needs and as your business grows. 

Don’t settle for ineffective web platforms – Turn to JDR Solutions for trailblazing digital solutions.

An Industry Expert Since 2001

You’re an expert in financial/leasing contracts, now it’s time to bring your daily operations up to speed. JDR Solutions can address all of your pain points and enhance your growth potential with our superior digital solutions.

As an extension of your team, our professionals breathe new life into your back office with flexible, customized services. From quicker support to a personal working relationship developed in onboarding, our solutions can accommodate every size and scope of your diverse financing/leasing portfolios.

The depth of our expertise and knowledge dates back to 2001 when we started our journey to become one of the most experienced teams in the equipment financing/leasing solutions industry. Every year since, we’ve added new techniques and the latest technology to our arsenal of digital strategies.

This evolution combined with our dedication to our clients’ success is why none of our clients have fled to our competitors for more than 10 years.