We're the people with the plan

JDR Solutions was founded on November 1, 2001 by John, Doug, and Richard. The men went into business when the company they worked for moved operations and left them and hundreds more without a job. With relationships garnered from years of great service, the men saw an opening in a market that they have a passion for. They began providing outsourcing and consulting services with a small office of eight people.

Less than a year later JDR Solutions launched our own encrypted web portal, iVirtuaLease, to assist with lease management and transactions. As more people needed off-site data storage, we continued to grow. In November 2004 we partnered with Expedient, beginning a symbiotic relationship that created a cloud computing platform we still operate on today.

Today, JDR Solutions serves banks, manufacturers, and independent financial institutions. We finance equipment leases and contracts. We provide best-in-class portfolio and database management, software implementation, business consulting, and web portal development.

Our Team

On our team, we employ and engage with active members in the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association and the National Equipment Finance Association. We hold SOC1/SOC2 certifications, allowing us to secure your information and perform specialized audits.
Our growing staff currently sits at about 50 full-time and part-time employees in Indianapolis and beyond. We are committed to growth, intending to employ more experts in the equipment finance field. When our minds get together, we achieve great things through a positive and engaging environment. Our supportive environment gives us a strong team!

Our Vision

We want to spread our talents within and outside of our community, holding hands out to small businesses and large corporations at once. We are your friends and family, your guides and business partners. When the next step is burdensome or unclear, we are the people with the plan.