Specialized Solutions for Equipment Manufacturers

Your equipment manufacturing company creates top-of-the-line products, and you may lease this equipment or would like to. While your premium products bring renters right to your door, you don’t have the tools or time necessary to integrate and manage financing/leasing portfolios.

JDR Solutions is the answer to all your operational obstacles. We can easily integrate your new clients on the front end, and continue managing their portfolios through customized digital environments on the back end. Since 2001, our goal has been to provide all equipment financing/leasing companies with streamlined digital solutions and exemplary customer service.

Trust JDR Solutions for all of your equipment manufacturing company’s back-office needs.

Who We Serve

Whether you are an equipment manufacturer with an existing financing/leasing arm or are just starting to establish a captive. Once your equipment has been manufactured, you need to get it out the door fast in order to move on to the next batch. But your business’s infrastructure is not built to handle the ongoing management of your customers’ financing/leasing portfolios.

Effective digital services from JDR Solutions allow you to focus on what you do best – creating quality products.

We take your portfolios from the point of funding all the way through to the end of the transaction. No matter the size or scope of your company or portfolios, we will ensure that you receive the most applicable, highest-quality software and management solutions for your unique operational requirements.

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You are an excellent equipment manufacturer.

Our Experience at Work for You

We are experts in supporting your equipment financing/leasing transactions.

The seasoned team at JDR Solutions knows the importance of consistent production for your equipment manufacturing business. Our back-office services will keep your financing/leasing portfolios in check so that you can focus on producing and improving your products.

You may have a leasing division that’s adept at initial portfolio setup, but our team is better equipped to handle the account maintenance, data security, and non-financial client needs throughout the rest of the transaction.

We offer the following in-depth services to equipment manufacturers:

Our full range of comprehensive services for independent lessors includes:


When you choose to work with JDR Solutions, we don’t dive into your operations by seizing unchecked control of portfolios and blindly redesigning your software. We kick off our strategic services with an extensive consultation and discovery phase.

We understand that every equipment manufacturer is different, and each of your specific contracts has its own needs. Our team will take as much time as is necessary to formulate a complete understanding of the pain points affecting your business and how we can address them.

Our first step will be an introductory meeting between our team of experts and your management staff to ground the rest of our process in transparency and collaboration. 

For the various solutions we deliver, we have skilled experts. You will remain in direct communication with each member of our team who implements your solution.

In our second step – system integration – we will integrate all of your existing systems and software for a seamless transition that maximizes the benefits of our upcoming digital services.

At JDR Solutions, we’re not an outside contracting firm – we’re an extension of your team.


As a successful equipment manufacturer, your business may operate across one or more facilities, possibly in a remote location. As a result, you may experience connectivity and other internet access issues that affect the reliability and safety of your data and digital platforms.

Additionally, most manufacturers utilize legacy systems that once perfectly encapsulated all of your digital production needs but are now outdated and cannot support modern financing/leasing processes.

At JDR Solutions, we provide unparalleled hosting solutions to address these challenges. Our services include constant monitoring and maintenance of your data and digital systems to ensure peak performance and security. We specialize in disaster recovery across a variety of dedicated hosting environments, including but not limited to InfoLease, Rapport and Aspire. If your team prefers specific financing/leasing software, our team can adapt our expert hosting process to accommodate your preferences.

Choose JDR for efficient hosting designed for your unique equipment financing/leasing requirements.


Skip the long waits and ambivalence of standard customer support lines. 

Become a priority with JDR Solutions’ technical support services.

Technical complications are detrimental to your business operations. When you call a software vendor for help, you’re just another number in an increasingly long list of service tickets. At JDR Solutions, our team can provide prompt, direct service to get your software back on track.

When you call our support team, your concerns will be swiftly addressed by a member of our team who will directly perform any necessary service or repairs. This ensures you always receive the most high-quality service without delays.

Portfolio Management

Constant management from start to finish.

To carry your financing/leasing contracts through to the end of their transactions, JDR Solutions will implement detail-oriented portfolio management solutions to save your team valuable time and resources.

While we oversee all non-financial contract changes, you can put your energy into moving your equipment out the door and into new finance/lease agreements. A staple of our portfolio management services is our commitment to your customers’ experience and satisfaction.

Client Relations

Quality customer service is the key to your success.

Failure to curate a loyal customer base results in a decrease in finance/lease agreements, a lack of word-of-mouth marketing, and a general downturn in your business’s growth and profitability. While you may have established a baseline for customer service, JDR Solutions can take client relations to the next level.

We’ll provide your customers with administrative support on billing issues, invoice challenges, and even payment concerns such as collections. Our team boasts decades of experience helping equipment manufacturers expand their customer service capabilities with innovative tactics that improve your customers’ experience.

Web Development

Do you need a website that attracts new visitors and successfully engages them with your services? Do your customers require a branded web portal that can support their online account management preferences? 

JDR Solutions can provide customized digital platforms that meet your and your customers’ needs. We’re proud to bring you digital solutions that address the gaps in common equipment manufacturers’ existing legacy systems.

We understand the struggle to find digital platforms that support the highly-unique equipment financing/leasing functions you need to run your business. That’s why we focus on custom designs that are built specifically to support your portfolios. All of our personalized builds are created to seamlessly integrate with your existing software for a smooth transition.

Give your business the support it deserves. Trust JDR Solutions for expert web development services.

Industry-Leading Services Since 2001

Stay focused on driving demand for your products. Choose JDR Solutions for all of your portfolio management and operational needs. Our priority is identifying, addressing, and overcoming your pain points with efficiency and ease.

As an extension of your existing finance/leasing framework, we provide solutions that bring stability and control back to your equipment financing/leasing operations. Our wealth of expertise will benefit your team and your customers, no matter the size or scope of their portfolio.

At JDR Solutions, our reputation is built on the success of our clients. Since 2001, we’ve been the top-recommended company in the industry for our commitment to your satisfaction and trustworthy partnerships.