Direct your company’s success with a process that boosts efficiency and inspires communication.


Are you wasting precious resources for routine financial tasks?

Do you want to expand your business with innovative software?

Is the equipment leasing process easy to understand?

You might think that internal sourcing is easier when dealing with equipment financing, but the ease of communication can be suppressed by wasted time and resources, inconsistent processes, and lack of training with software.

What if you could optimize your work environment instead of keeping an unreliable system in place?

Improve your equipment finance process by enhancing communication and encouraging growth in your company.

At JDR Solutions, we deliver

Custom solutions planned and executed by experts.

Financial portfolio and relationship management.

Client engagement with innovative software.

Success analysis and follow up.

We know how stressful it can be to source internally for all your financial needs.

Not everyone is equipped to give customized equipment finance solutions and deal with the daily management of financial profiles. We are involved in every step of these solutions and can offer you the convenience of consistent and intentional service

Our experts have a combined 400 years in the equipment finance industry, spending those years developing reliable relationships with businesses and their clients. We understand the needs of an efficient company and how to generate change. This way, we can assure that your resources are never wasted.

Let's Find a Solution together


Meet for a discovery meeting with our team


Agree on a custom service plan


Follow-up through managing relationships

The completion of service is tailored specifically to your needs, and all terms are discussed ahead of time.

Finding solutions for unique needs

JDR Solutions is specialized in business with banks, brokers, and independents with different levels of knowledge and resources. Our connections and authority within our field can promote efficiency in your work environment and enhance communication with your customers. Our team may already be specialized in your exact needs and you’d never need to leave your desk for it.
From short-term analysis to long-term restructuring, there is a better equipment financing solution for every company.

Don't let a lengthy and complicated process hold you back. Put a reliable support system into action.