Client Relations Services for Independent Lessors

When you emerge into the equipment financing/leasing industry, your primary goal as an independent lessor is to secure finance/lease agreements with speed and efficiency. Intelligent alternative lenders don’t waste effort and resources building a vast digital infrastructure. Staying lean and partnering with experts gives you access to the finest services in the industry.  When you need client relations for the highly specialized challenges facing your diverse range of equipment financing/leasing customers, call on JDR Solutions. When you work with our experienced team, you guarantee your customers a superb customer service experience. We strive to exceed the relations provided by large financing/leasing entities. Our team has the knowledge and resources to transform your client relations into a highly beneficial aspect of your back-office operations. Our client relations specialists apply decades of experience to address even the most complex issues facing your customers’ portfolios. Our proven strategies will improve your customers’ satisfaction and turn new customers into a loyal customer base for your growing business. JDR Solutions has been the top customer service provider for independent lessors across the globe since 2001. We’re committed to your success – take advantage of our client relations solutions today.

Our Client Relations – What Do Our Services Include?

As an independent lessor, you know the importance of clear communication when it comes to securing new finance/lease agreements. That same level of support and transparency is just as important to the client experience for backend business processing.

At JDR Solutions, our client relations experts understand the full scope of customer service and are motivated by your goal for growth to provide an unmatched level of service to each of your unique equipment financing/leasing customers/

Our client relations solutions encompass two distinct steps:


Collections require a delicate, compassionate approach to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution. Our team moves through the collections process with exhaustive attention to detail. Streamlined solutions analyze the issue and quickly find resolution. From administrative errors to issues with your customers’ billing and payment information, JDR Solutions is highly experienced at optimizing collections.

While we won’t perform asset repossession, the collections solutions are virtually limitless. We can swiftly process all calls, emails, and delinquency letters regarding late payments, and can troubleshoot any issues within your internal systems to help minimize and successfully navigate any collections issues.

Customer Service

Don’t drive customers away with a lack of appropriate customer support.

A key to customer satisfaction is daily support for routine and detailed portfolio problems. JDR Solutions takes the burden of day-to-day customer relations off your shoulders so you can focus on new business opportunities.

While many businesses struggle with the minutia of customer service, JDR Solutions has compassionate and friendly experts with decades of success.

We will create and manage designated email inboxes specific to your company’s clientele. Our team will expertly intake and respond to calls and emails pertaining to payments, invoicing, and non-financial portfolio changes.

Contact JDR Solutions today for our compassionate client relations solutions.

Why Should You Choose JDR Solutions?

When it comes to customer relations, JDR Solutions is the most experienced team in the equipment financing/leasing industry. Our decades of experience have resulted in a wealth of industry knowledge that we implement into every detail of our back-office services.

Our goal is the continued growth and success of your independent leasing business. That’s why we back our solutions with the industry’s leading strategies and digital infrastructure technology.

With faster, more efficient solutions than any other firm, our commitment to your customer shines in our exemplary collections and customer service operations.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’re evaluated by an advisory council made up of our most prominent Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) clients. And year after year, they’ve named us their #1 partner for trustworthy back-office and digital solutions.