Onboarding Services for Independent Lessors

For independent lessors and alternative lenders building internal resources to compete with traditional banking and financial institutions is impractical and impedes your growth. Your independent operation simply doesn’t need the digital infrastructure, software experience, or manpower to complete your operational tasks. What if you had a partner with the resources, experience, and intelligence to execute all of your back office, hosting, web development, support management, and other fine details of equipment financing/leasing? Focus on securing new business, and let JDR Solutions handle the rest. Our knowledgeable team can implement a comprehensive range of digital solutions to help you avoid the detrimental effects of inefficient portfolio management, hosting, support services, web development, and client relations. Since 2001, we’ve been independent lessors’ top choice for infrastructure services because of our superb customer service strategies. Coupled with our advanced back-office solutions, our commitment to your success drives our ability to positively transform your operational capabilities. How can JDR Solutions provide exceptional service? We focus on your business with a proven analysis and onboarding process. We don’t dive in and take control of your operations after one quick handshake. We implement a detailed onboarding process in which our concierge specialists guide you through initial consultations, team introductions, and system integration. Elevate the infrastructure of your independent financing/leasing organization with help from JDR Solutions and experienced revolutionized back-office capabilities.

Our In-Depth Onboarding Services

The key to JDR Solutions’ hosting service is adaptability. We are prepared to work with a number of different software types to address the ha

JDR Solutions’ success in the equipment financing/leasing industry comes from our intricate knowledge gathered from more than two decades of hands-on experience. As a result, we’re well-versed in the implementation of the most efficient digital solutions for independent financing/leasing operations.

In our onboarding phase, we take the time to go beyond industry expectations and identify the specific pain points currently limiting your independent financing/leasing operation. This extensive discovery phase ensures every service we perform down the road will have the greatest possible impact on your back office.

Step one of our onboarding phase is team introductions. Your dedicated account concierge will connect you with each of the subject matter experts who will work directly on your portfolios. Whether we’re hosting your software, building custom web portals, or providing collections support, the foundation established in this step promotes an environment of clear communication and collaboration throughout the upcoming service actions.

During onboarding, we will also perform system integration to efficiently transition your existing internal systems into our specialized processes in one smooth event. This action ensures our team has access to the necessary software and saves time on technical issues down the road.

Effective Solutions Based on Quality Communication

Even the best digital solutions can fail in the absence of a strong working relationship and continuous collaboration. That’s why JDR Solutions begins each of our partnerships with a comprehensive consultation to establish expectations and address your operational challenges beyond the short term.

The connections we establish during onboarding are the throughline between the rest of our services, working together to achieve your long-term goals for your independent financing/leasing operation. This open dialogue also gives you constant access and control over your infrastructure and portfolios. We will never make alterations without your consent, and will directly consult with you on any issues that arise and our potential solutions.

Our clients have named JDR Solutions their most trusted digital solutions provider in the equipment financing/leasing industry. Find out firsthand why our innovative strategies are the top choice for independent lessors across the globe.