Client Relations Services

Efficiently and swiftly securing leads is the primary goal of your equipment financing/leasing organization. A large portion of your success hinges on your ability to solidify trust and execute transparent communication between your team and your customers.

While your staff establishes a sturdy foundation when onboarding new contracts, the tedious process of managing that relationship throughout the rest of the transaction proves a greater challenge due to a lack of applicable resources and digital infrastructure. JDR Solutions provides detailed client relations services to help facilitate a productive process for your customers.

We have decades of experience in collections, invoicing portfolios, and the specialized software and infrastructure necessary to carry out these back-office tasks. Your customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

Consistent Communication for Your Customers

The staple of a customer relationship is consistent communication, but effective client relations from JDR Solutions goes deeper. Our two dedicated client relations teams work cohesively to provide a comprehensive experience.

Our client relations services extend to all sizes and scopes of equipment leasing/financing organizations within a range of industries, including:

Pass the baton to JDR Solutions for client relations services that carry your contracts through the final transaction successfully and with customer satisfaction.

Your Top-Notch Operations
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Securing new leasing contracts helps your equipment financing/leasing operation grow. But to maintain that growth you need to build a strong, diverse customer base. JDR Solutions’ client relations services provide back-office support for your team, while also catering to the specific support needs of your customers to help turn their new portfolios into repeat business.

Since 2001, our team has put our unparalleled expertise to work, fostering meaningful connections and swift solutions to address all your customers’ needs. We can cater our proven processes to your unique digital infrastructure and portfolio sizes. Our expansive back-office solutions also encompass technical support, portfolio management, hosting, web development, and professional services.