Hosting Services for Independent Lessors

As an independent lessor, you deal with highly specialized contracts that standard hosting environments are not equipped to process or manage. While every type of equipment financing/leasing transaction requires out-of-the-box digital solutions, your contracts are even more unique because of their diversity. At JDR Solutions, our trusted hosting services are the versatile and flexible solution you need to successfully manage the sensitive information in your equipment financing/leasing portfolios. We expertly adapt our hosting processes to address all of your digital needs, from safely storing data to disaster recovery. Our team is equipped with a deep understanding of the intricate software necessary for efficient hosting and has decades of experience integrating this software with new and existing portfolios for maximum efficiency with minimal disruptions to your operations. The pinnacle of our hosting process is ongoing monitoring to address your customers’ needs throughout the entire transaction. Contact JDR Solutions today to schedule a consultation and learn how our hosting solutions can streamline your business operations.

Our Specialty Hosting Solutions

Adaptability is a key theme throughout JDR Solutions’ hosting process. Our team can easily implement a multitude of software types to address the hosting needs of every independent lessor client.

While we have specialty teams dedicated to financing/leasing platforms including but not limited to, ASPIRE and InfoLease environments, we’re also able to tailor our hosting structures to any established or preferred software your company wishes to operate with. 

Every type of equipment financing/leasing software has unique benefits. Our experts will help you choose the right digital infrastructure to handle your one-of-a-kind portfolio collection, and then perform a seamless integration between the chosen software and our superior hosting procedures. 

Finally, we’ll run diligent processing to actively monitor and protect your sensitive data. JDR Solutions’ web hosting services for independent lessors give you a distinct competitive advantage.  

Outsourcing your hosting needs to JDR Solutions can transform your back-office capabilities. 

JDR Solutions – Services You Can Trust

We’re not outside vendors, we’re an extension of your back office. 

For an independent lessor, our services can mean the difference between successfully navigating the equipment financing/leasing industry’s specialized challenges or becoming permanently stunted by infrastructure obstacles.

Since 2001, our team has broken the mold of hosting solutions for independent lessors around the world. We combined consistent communication with our reputable hosting process to break down barriers and grow your business through new finance/lease agreements. Your infrastructure isn’t the enemy – we can turn even the most complex software into a high-functioning tool for your success.