Onboarding Services for Equipment Manufacturers

As a successful equipment manufacturer, you are an expert in quality equipment design and production. With your focus on the production line, more often than not you don’t have the time, digital infrastructure, or training to address all of your equipment financing/leasing operational duties. When you outsource your back-office tasks to JDR Solutions, you aren’t outsourcing critical operations, you’re expanding your team. As your partner in equipment finance/leasing solutions, JDR Solutions proudly provides superior customer service and innovative infrastructure strategies to bring your financing/leasing operations up to speed with your excellent equipment manufacturing capabilities. Since 2001, we’ve been the top choice for digital solutions for equipment manufacturers across the globe. Our goal is to streamline your operations so that you can focus on growing your business and building professional relationships with your customers.  The first phase of implementing any of our solutions is an in-depth onboarding process. We establish a baseline for future success in the services that follow. Our concierge specialists will guide you through a detailed consultation that builds a bridge of communication and collaboration between your in-house staff and our resource-rich and friendly experts. Take your infrastructure to the highest level of performance with the expertise of JDR Solutions.

Efficient Onboarding for Future Success

JDR Solutions’ team has spent decades building a robust knowledge and understanding of the equipment financing/leasing industry. We analyze and create solutions for the pain points hindering the growth and development of equipment manufacturers.

As the leading provider of back office solutions in the industry, we’re proud to provide specialized solutions to these challenges that result in your company’s most optimal performance.

To start the onboarding phase, your dedicated account manager will join forces with our subject matter experts to guide you through two critical steps: system integration and team member introductions.

System Integration

Our system integration process is an extensive action evolved to accommodate your company’s unique internal systems. In this step, we begin the smooth transition of your current framework into our one-of-a-kind processes. Equipped with in-depth software knowledge and transition tactics, our team ensures that a speedy integration will result in the efficient implementation of our other solutions.

Team Member Introductions

At JDR Solutions, we employ subject matter experts in each area of service to ensure that each step of our solutions is handled by the most qualified person for the job. From building custom web portals to managing your customer portfolios, our team understands the importance of effective communication and collaboration to the success of our services. 

That’s why we initiate personal introductions between you and each of the talented experts on our team who will have a direct hand in your business’s operations. This step ensures you have constant access to our team for easy accessibility to your software and portfolios every step of the way.

Committed to Your Success Since 2001

Establishing a foundation of transparent communication is a necessary step in cultivating the successful implementation of our efficient solutions. Interpersonal relationships built on trust and collaboration are keys to the continued improvement of your back-office operations. JDR Solutions’ onboarding phase opens these crucial channels of communication, which our team continues to foster throughout our additional processes.

We don’t treat this as a one-time project, our goal is a lasting partnership that results in the continued growth and success of your equipment manufacturing company. We promise to never modify or alter your digital systems without your consent and are proud to provide you with continued access to our team members beyond the onboarding phase.

Our commitment to this communication-based strategy and successful implementation of all our proven solutions has resulted in equipment manufacturers across the globe choosing our services for their back-office needs time and time again.