Client Relations Services for Equipment Manufacturers

Your expertise in equipment manufacturing is key to growing your brand, but when it comes to the equipment financing/leasing process, you need distinct solutions. Building the necessary infrastructure requires effort, capital, and training to address your customers’ needs beyond surface-level communication and requests. To optimize their financing/leasing portfolios, your customers need detailed solutions and constant communication to address their collections and invoicing complications, questions, and concerns. JDR Solutions’ client relations experts are equipped with the time, training, and resources to handle even your clients’ most complex needs. With decades of experience in equipment financing/leasing customer service, our specialists put proven strategies to work to ensure your customers’ satisfaction with your equipment financing/leasing products and services. Equipment manufacturers around the world have relied on our expertise in all aspects of client relations to boost their success since 2001. We’re the top choice for back-office operations in the industry because we’re committed to helping you reach your long-term goals, including client retention. Turn new contracts into repeat customers with JDR Solutions’ client relations services.

Compassionate Client Relations Solutions

When it comes to effective relationships with your equipment financing/leasing customers, free-flowing channels of communication are only the beginning. Our client relations experts at JDR Solutions dig deeper into the full scope of customer service operations to address the root causes of customer concerns.

Our client relations process consists of two comprehensive services:

Customer Service

Day-to-day support is a simple, but critical aspect of your customer service offerings. However, providing this support on your own can pull your team’s focus away from your primary goal of securing new finance/lease agreements. JDR Solutions will oversee all routine customer service tasks.

We’re trained to process inbound calls and emails pertaining to non-financial changes to customer portfolios, payments, and invoicing. All of our client communication via email is processed through inboxes dedicated to your unique customer base.


Effective collections are not about retrieving overdue payments. At JDR Solutions, our collections processes are grounded in compassion and detail-oriented service that address your customers’ billing and payment challenges at the source. We check all transaction history, documentation, and data to ensure the account information is correct and up-to-date, and that the delinquent status is not the result of administrative errors.

Our experts can swiftly process calls, emails, and letters about late payments up to any age of delinquency. While we do not offer asset repossession, our collections solutions include comprehensive backend support on top of our customer-facing services.

Minimize common challenges facing your customers in less time with help from the seasoned client relations specialists at JDR Solutions.

An Industry Leader in Customer-Focused Solutions

Helping our clients reach new levels of success and achievement is where JDR Solutions thrives. While innovative technology and out-of-the-box management strategies are critical components of our back-office solutions, the cornerstone of our services is our consistent communication and high-level customer service.

Our customer relations solutions are unmatched in the equipment financing/leasing industry. And it’s our carefully curated industry knowledge that’s kept our equipment manufacturing clients coming back to our operation year after year since 2001. We treat your customers with respect and offer more efficient, customizable solutions than outside firms unfamiliar with the nuanced challenges facing equipment financing/leasing portfolios.