Portfolio Management for Equipment Manufacturers

Your equipment manufacturing company is well-versed in producing equipment and distributing finance/lease agreements. But performing the necessary management tasks to successfully carry that contract through to the end of the transaction is a major pain point for your team. At JDR Solutions, our team takes on the strain of portfolio management and operates as your back office. Since 2001, we have fine-tuned our proven processes. Our knowledge and resources cover portfolio solutions for equipment manufacturers around the world. Our team’s detailed-oriented management process is customizable to address the needs of all sizes and types of equipment finance/leasing portfolios under your umbrella. We’re committed to the satisfaction of your customers and let this commitment drive our full range of back-office solutions. Elevate your customer experience with JDR Solutions’ portfolio management services.

Adaptable Portfolio Management Solutions

At JDR Solutions, we understand that portfolio management and administration are a living process, not a stagnant individual task. Our management experts implement constant monitoring and portfolio adaptions to meet your customers’ changing needs throughout the entire transaction from the point of funding to the end of the contract.

Simply do what you do best – secure new finance/lease agreements and integrate the customer into your systems. From there, our team will oversee every web portal, invoice, and provide support for portfolio access issues.

 Our entire list of portfolio management services includes:

  • Customer/contract/asset booking
  • Payment application and reconciliations
  • Financial adjustments: modifications, dispositions, and extensions
  • Contract terminations: partial or complete
  • Non-financial contract changes
  • Sales, Use, and property tax compliance and reporting
  • Management and accounting report generation and archival
  • Document generation
  • UCC filings/tracking
  • Insurance verification/tracking
  • Input daily interest rate updates from various sources

The key to our superior portfolio management solutions is our decades of industry experience. Contact JDR Solutions to transform your portfolio management experience today.

Improving Customer Experience Since 2001

Customer satisfaction is the single most important milestone in building a foundation of loyal, repeat customers for your equipment manufacturing business. JDR Solutions’ quality portfolio management is the key to successful, satisfied equipment financing/leasing customers.

Our portfolio maintenance adapts and evolves to ensure exceptional service becomes a trademark of your business offerings. Like the rest of our excellent back-office solutions, our portfolio management services are rooted in decades of experience. For the past two decades, we’ve strived for a level of excellence and innovation that’s made us the top choice for infrastructure outsourcing across the globe.