Onboarding Services for Equipment Lessors

Building internal back office and business processing drains revenue and demands ongoing improvements. Instead of relying on your internal resources to meet the operational requirements, what if you could partner with an industry leader? With cutting edge digital infrastructure, extensive knowledge of software, and a team committed to the success and ongoing growth of our clients, JDR Solutions provides equipment lessors with an excellent partnership.  When you outsource your back-office tasks to JDR Solutions, you can focus on securing new contracts in order to grow your business. Since 2001, our team has remained the most recommended digital solutions provider for equipment lessors in the industry. We implement superior customer service techniques and state-of-the-art software support to transform your daily operations. But we don’t launch into action without preparation. Before we begin any portfolio management or infrastructure updates, we conduct an in-depth onboarding process that consists of extensive consultation. This in-depth discovery phase sets the foundation for the professional partnership between our industry specialists and your team of equipment financing/leasing experts. With transparent communication from the very beginning, our team can effectively function as an extension of your staff. JDR Solutions’ decades of experience can take your equipment lessor’s back-office operations to the next level.

Our Onboarding Process

The key to JDR Solutions’ hosting service is adaptability. We are prepared to work with a number of different software types to address the hosting challenges of both large, long-established institutions and smaller startups. 

We currently staff an in-house team of experts for financing/equipment platforms including but not limited to, ASPIRE, InfoLease, and Rapport environments, with platforms from other vendors in the pipeline. Each team can help you navigate these unique, but beneficial options to find the best fit for your business. If your financial institution already has an established software but lacks the training and experience to efficiently operate it, then our team can flawlessly integrate that environment into our incomparable hosting procedures and structures.

Once we have your data and digital platforms functioning in a secure and effective manner, our team will actively monitor data and run constant processing to ensure your systems are always achieving peak performance. Our routine checks also verify that all of your infrastructure is SOC 1, SOC 2, and FDIC compliant.

You’re an expert in equipment financing – not hosting software. Focus on securing new finance/lease agreements and trust JDR Solutions with your hosting service. Contact our knowledgeable team today.

Team Member Introductions

A professional partnership can’t thrive without consistent communication. In our onboarding process, JDR Solutions lays the groundwork for collaboration with team member introductions. From our customizable hosting services to our client relations strategies, multiple members of our team will have a hand in the transformation of your back-office operations. Your account manager provides professional introductions to each skilled subject matter expert working on your account. 

This step opens a channel of communication that will remain accessible to you throughout our entire partnership, giving you constant access to our wealth of knowledge and control over the outcome of your business’s operations.

System Integration

To complete our onboarding process, we will conduct a comprehensive system integration process that adapts to your company’s specific existing systems. Proper system integration allows for a smooth transition between your current internal systems into our one-of-a-kind processes.

Our team of onboarding specialists are trained to integrate all types of software and digital resources necessary for the effective implementation of the rest of our excellent services.

Experience our unparalleled onboarding process – Call JDR Solutions to schedule your consultation today.

Solid Foundation for Lasting Partnerships

Establishing an accessible, transparent transfer of information from the very first step is the key to turning our partnership into a beneficial experience for your equipment financing/leasing business. Without clear communication, roadblocks in the development and implementation of our proficient solutions may be more frequent and harder to overcome.

That’s why JDR Solutions keeps the communication channels opened in our onboarding process flowing freely throughout our entire process. The groundwork we lay in onboarding serves as the foundation for the rest of our services to build successful operations into your business structure.

We will never make changes to your internal systems or processes without your approval. If any urgent issues arise throughout any step, you will have immediate access to our team members working directly on your portfolios. We will always provide you with timely updates and excellent support should problems pop up.

Equipment lessors across the globe have made us their #1 partner in the equipment financing/leasing industry. Our expertise and commitment to client success combined with our proven strategies have made us a top choice for back-office solutions for the past two decades.