Portfolio Management for Equipment Lessors

Managing existing customer financing/leasing portfolios is one of the most important operational tasks for equipment lessors. But this simple task can quickly become a major roadblock when you don’t have the proper infrastructure or time to spare away from your primary focus of equipment production and new contract generation. What if you could outsource your portfolio management to experts in the industry? What if those experts cared as much about your success as you? JDR Solutions provides expert portfolio management solutions through every step of the transaction so you can move forward with new customers with confidence that they’ll be taken care of on the back end. Since 2001, equipment lessors across the globe have taken advantage of our meticulously crafted management services. Our process is tailored to fit each individual equipment financing/leasing portfolio in your catalog, no matter the size or type of software. This flexibility coupled with our exceptional customer service has made us a top choice for portfolio management for equipment lessors. Ensure your customers’ satisfaction with JDR Solutions’ portfolio management services.

Our Portfolio Management Solutions

Managing portfolios presents a distinct challenge to equipment lessors. If your team is constantly monitoring and performing upkeep on the minutiae of your existing portfolios, then you cannot grow. 

At JDR Solutions, our management specialists will oversee each customer portfolio from start to finish and every moment inbetween.

As your financing/leasing customers’ needs evolves throughout the transaction, so will our management solutions. We will actively monitor and update your customer portfolios from the time of funding so every new need is met with the same quality as their first interaction.

We’re your customers’ go-to team for all of their portfolio access issues. Our comprehensive portfolio management services include:

  • Customer/contract/asset booking
  • Payment application and reconciliations
  • Financial adjustments: modifications, dispositions, and extensions
  • Contract terminations: partial or complete
  • Non-financial contract changes
  • Sales, Use, and property tax compliance and reporting
  • Management and accounting report generation and archival
  • Document generation
  • UCC filings/tracking
  • Insurance verification/tracking
  • Input daily interest rate updates from various sources

Don’t miss out on new business opportunities – trust JDR Solutions with your portfolio management duties and optimize your operations.

Leading the Industry Since 2001

Your equipment financing/leasing business needs to build a loyal customer base. The quality portfolio management solutions from JDR Solutions nurture customer experiences and allow you to focus on the relationship building. 

As an extension of your business, we can improve customer satisfaction and keep your equipment financing/leasing customers signing new agreements.

Our reputation for success has grown across the decades. Year after year, our clients continue to trust us with all of their equipment finance/leasing back-office needs.

Just as your operational requirements change over time, our superior strategies evolve and adapt to best serve your company and your customers. We strive to provide solutions backed by industry-leading technologies and resources. This commitment to innovation has made us one of the top choices for infrastructure outsourcing across the globe.

But it’s our personable team that curates lasting partnerships with our equipment financing/leasing clients.