Client Relations Services for Banking & Financial Institutions

Quality customer service helps banks and financial institutions improve client success and optimize operations. Your business already has a solid foundation of trust and communication between your staff and your customers. But more detailed services regarding collections and invoicing for equipment financing/leasing portfolios can be impossible to complete without the appropriate knowledge and infrastructure. The resources including time and training internal teams can lower margins and increase risk. 

Our skilled client relations specialists at JDR Solutions have decades of experience in equipment financing/leasing services that allow us to address the full scope of your customers’ needs. Our well-established strategies are proven to improve your customer’s experience and satisfaction.

Since 2001, banks and financial institutions across the globe have benefited from our limitless dedication to their success. That commitment is why we’re a preferred company in the industry.

Elevate your customer experience with client relations services from JDR Solutions.

Our Client Relations

Clear, consistent communication is only the surface level of an effective relationship with your customers. At JDR Solutions our understanding of the bigger picture of client relations motivates our talented team to dig deeper. 

We offer two groups of client relations services to effectively encompass all of your client needs.


We understand that attention to detail and compassionate communication is the cornerstone of collections services. That’s why we always carefully review your customers’ billing and payment history to ensure that all your data is correct and the collection process is not the result of administrative delinquency. 

Our client relations specialists are trained to receive calls, emails, and maintain/send delinquency letters regarding due payments. We will collect overdue invoices up to any age of delinquency and provide additional support on the backend. The only collections service outside of our offerings is asset repossession.

Our ability to troubleshoot and identify issues with your customers can help mitigate collections issues.

Customer Service

Your customers need access to quality day-to-day support. Providing this support can hinder your team’s opportunities to secure new business. At JDR Solutions, we provide the team members and means to cover all your customer service needs, from routine to more complicated issues.

Our services include processing inbound calls and emails regarding invoicing, payments, and non-financial changes. We also will create and manage a designated email inbox for your business’s customers to raise specific questions and concerns about their invoices.

Expand your customer service capabilities with the help of our accomplished specialists. Call JDR Solutions to schedule your consultation today.

Compassionate Service for Every Customer

Our solutions are rooted in decades of experience and keen drive to help our clients succeed. We’ve consistently evolved to stay ahead of modern technology and management techniques to bring our clients industry-leading services year after year.

When you choose to take advantage of the unparalleled client relations services from JDR Solutions, you’re choosing the most experienced team in the industry. Our industry knowledge allows us to connect with your customers on a deeper level to provide them with faster, more accurate solutions to their equipment financing/leasing portfolio challenges than other outside firms.

Our status as one of the top companies in the industry isn’t a self-diagnosis. We gained the title from our advisory council made up of our most prominent Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) clients.