Hosting Services for Banking & Financial Institutions

As a successful banking or financial institution, your business understands the importance of security and compliance. But meeting those standards for your equipment financing & leasing customers can be daunting and sometimes impossible when you don’t have access to the proper digital infrastructure or an established internal team to execute the ongoing support.

The first step in optimizing your digital infrastructure is creating a safe and organized environment for your sensitive information. JDR Solutions offers highly-qualified hosting services that transcend the capabilities of standard digital banking environments to address your data storage, processing, and security needs.

Our team understands that you are managing customers with financial accounts across multiple platforms and industries. Not only can this overload your team with menial tasks, but it could leave you and your customer’s sensitive data unsafe and hard to access. That’s why our hosting solutions emphasize ongoing monitoring so that you and your customers’ changing needs are always met.

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Hosting Solutions for Every Institution

The key to JDR Solutions’ hosting service is adaptability. We are prepared to work with a number of different software types to address the hosting challenges of both large, long-established institutions and smaller startups. 

We currently staff an in-house team of experts for financing/equipment platforms including but not limited to, ASPIRE, InfoLease, and Rapport environments, with platforms from other vendors in the pipeline. Each team can help you navigate these unique, but beneficial options to find the best fit for your business. If your financial institution already has an established software but lacks the training and experience to efficiently operate it, then our team can flawlessly integrate that environment into our incomparable hosting procedures and structures.

Once we have your data and digital platforms functioning in a secure and effective manner, our team will actively monitor data and run constant processing to ensure your systems are always achieving peak performance. Our routine checks also verify that all of your infrastructure is SOC 1, SOC 2, and FDIC compliant.

You’re an expert in equipment financing – not hosting software. Focus on securing new finance/lease agreements and trust JDR Solutions with your hosting service. 

Trustworthy Hosting Since 2001

As an extension of your back office, our seasoned team is proud to provide reputable hosting solutions for nearly any type of software your bank or financial institution prefers. Coupled with consistent communication, our hosting solutions transform your equipment financing/leasing infrastructure from an obstacle into a high-functioning tool for success.

No matter the size or scope of your transactions, we’re dedicated to the growth and prosperity of your banking or financial institution. At JDR Solutions, we refuse to accept a one-size-fits approach. Our decades of industry experience enable us to evolve our solutions into a custom hosting strategy for your business and your unique goals.