Community During The Work From Home Era

The COVID-19 pandemic began a ripple effect in our real-world market. Suddenly, professionals all work from home. They hold meetings from their kitchen tables, air news from living rooms. Companies are funcitoning in unfounded ways. When the market shifted, professionals worldwide learned what is reliable in their industry and what isn’t. Research from the pandemic tells […]

Expert Opinions on Supply Chain

The present-day supply chain has affected daily life for everyone, especially for those who’ve grown a business from it. Lately, the rise and fall of the economy is more jolting than welcoming. COVID and political tensions have driven the market to places most haven’t seen in their lifetime. Supply chain woes originate often from diverse, […]

The Big Deal with Outsourcing

Deciding whether outsourcing for some of your company’s work is a tough decision to make. Independence is a tough token to buy and once we have it, we don’t want to let it go. However, there are benefits to outsourcing for both young and developed companies. When companies make important decisions, the biggest factor is […]

Learn about customer, sales web portals at ELFA conference

INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 10, 2018) — Self-serve technology is everywhere, and it’s gaining traction in equipment finance, as well. One do-it-yourself tool is the web portal. A portal is a web page within a lease/loan company website that allows customers to transact business with the lessor, and the lessor’s sales staff or dealer network to interact […]