Onboarding Services for Banking & Financial Institutions

Using internal resources for your banking or financial institution’s equipment financing/leasing tasks creates a significant challenge. An absence of digital infrastructure, lack of software experience, and inconsistent processes can hinder or completely derail your equipment financing/leasing portfolios.

JDR Solutions has been the top recommended digital solutions provider for banks and financial institutions since 2001. We utilize cutting-edge infrastructure services and excellent customer service strategies to expand and enhance your back-office capabilities.

Our approach allows you to focus on your expertise and ongoing success. Before we take any action, we will first guide you through a precise onboarding process with our concierge specialists. This in-depth consultation will lay the groundwork for collaboration between our team of experts and your internal equipment financing/leasing staff.

When you work with JDR Solutions, our team functions as an extension of your organization. Our insights and knowledge can elevate your banking or financial institution’s operations.

Our Onboarding Process

At JDR Solutions, our team is well-versed in the equipment financing/leasing industry. As the leading choice in banking and financial back office solutions, we know how to identify specific gaps in your financial institution’s operations. We learn the unique aspects of your organization to ensure every service we perform provides the greatest possible benefit to your team.

When it’s time to start the onboarding phase, your JDR Solutions dedicated account concierge will connect with our subject matter experts for two highly-important tasks: system integration and team member introductions.

Take advantage of our unmatched onboarding services.

System Integration

We perform an extensive system integration process that is tailored to your business’s specialized internal systems. This step initiates the seamless transition of your existing framework into our processes. Our team is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and resources to establish a solid foundation. System integration is vital to the timely, effective implementation of our additional services.

Team Member Introductions

JDR Solutions understands successful services start with effective communication. From Hosting to Client Relations to customized Web Portals, and everything in between, our solutions will be carried out by multiple members of our team. We will introduce you to the skilled staff members working directly on your business’s software or portfolios. Beyond the introductions, you will always have access to our team’s knowledge in a prompt and timely manner.

Consistent Communication for Quality Results

Forming clear channels of communication at the start of our partnership is essential to developing and implementing efficient solutions. Great relationships rely on consistent communication to address your infrastructure challenges beyond today. At JDR Solutions communication doesn’t stop when our onboarding phase ends.

The interpersonal relationships we establish in onboarding are the vessels that carry your bank and financial institution through the rest of our services. Relationships are our top priority. We will never make modifications to your digital systems without your approval. You will have constant access to the individuals directly responsible for your work every step of the way. When any issues arise, you will have exceptional support from our internal team of experts – no middleman necessary.

Our decades of experience and reputation for success have made us the top choice of banking & financial clients across the globe. While our services are grounded in innovative technology and proven strategies, it’s our compassionate professionals and commitment to your goals that make us the #1 equipment financing/leasing partner in the industry.