Daily tasks and specialized applications are difficult enough to work into a busy schedule, especially when you must take the time to gather the resources. Our experienced team has perfected the use of processing tools and can provide front-end and back-end services.

We hold SOC certifications and relationships with software vendors, allowing us to protect and utilize your information. We are experts in our field and a resource to you.


The professional portfolios you hold with your clients require upkeep that can be technical or otherwise heavily involved. We can alleviate the burden with portfolio management solutions that can easily be implemented into your everyday tasks.

We can help you manage:

– Leases & Contracts

We can initiate and continue communications through privately labeled invoicing (email and postal), maintain records and insurance, monitor sales and property taxes, relay urgent notifications, and resolve issues with the agreement.

– Cash Applications

We can evaluate accounts receivable, apply cash payments, and run custom reports.


Agreements and relationships with software companies often require technical knowledge. We are here to secure that relationship for you and handle ongoing data processes.

We provide:

– Relationships with Software Companies

We can add you into our licensing agreement or help you acquire a new agreement with support software companies, then host that software for you on some of the most popular, secure platforms.

– Database Administration

Once infrastructure is developed, we can store and organize your data so it is always ready for the next report.


When leasing operations use your best resources a bit too much, we are there to take the load off. Our detail-oriented team is driven to create a successful leasing relationship. Our services are comprehensive, handling everyday tasks and custom applications.

We assist in:

– Custom Data Processes

We will migrate, convert, customize, or extract your data for you. When data does not fit perfectly into the database, we can handle the out-of-scope database administration.

– Business Processes

Our services in this area are diverse, handling initial and continual processes. We can analyze and configure a great lease for you, license custom applications with InfoTrieve, update back-office and front-end sub-releases, evaluate internal workflow processes, support with accounting/ledger tasks, incorporate third-party applications, and test user acceptance when all is said and done.


When designing portals isn’t your first focus, we are there with a design team experienced in producing functional and beautiful web portals. Accessing and using information can be easier than ever with a portal that does half the work for you.

We specialize in producing:

– Portals for Lessees

These portals allow your lessees to process payments anytime, view past invoices, submit new credit applications, search buyout quotes, and track account balances. The portal also provides information about any contracts and lessors behind them.


– Portals for Lessors and their Sales Teams

These portals allow your team to access lessee contact and invoice records. Unlike outdated tech, the portals have the capability to run transaction reports independently. Sales teams and lessors can also submit new credit applications, process buyouts, and run sales reports.